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Rochester Hills House Painter

Pictured above is a before/after photo of one our exterior painting projects in Rochester Hills!

Myth: “My walls are smooth, I don’t need a primer.”

We get it, you don’t want to waste money on the primer. However, using a primer goes beyond creating a smooth surface to paint. A primer can actually help paint stick to the wall better than it would over an older coat of paint, which means the paint will chip less and last longer. Plus, it just looks so much better.

Myth: “I need to tape all of the edges.”

Not so! Yes, tape is a great tool to use when catching drips and creating perfect lines. However, applying the tape and making sure it’s perfectly smooth does take a ton of time. So if you don’t need it (and you’re confident about your painting), just skip it!

Myth: “I really should paint two coats.”

Forget it; don’t waste the money. Especially if you’re first applying with a primer! Depending on the paint brand you choose, you can easily get away without painting multiple coats. However, if you aren’t using a primer and going from a darker color paint to lighter, it would be good to paint a second coat.

Myth: “Painting the ceiling makes the room look smaller.”

That’s right, paint away! But it’s not totally recommended to paint the entire room one color. Although accent walls are on the out-and-out, it may be worth considering an accent ceiling. Painting the ceiling a touch or two darker than the color you are using will actually make a room look taller. Not sure how to get the job done?

Myth: “I’m selling the house, I don’t need to paint.”

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders when it comes to selling a piece of property. Most people buying a home aren’t looking to renovate it a ton, unless it’s a “fixer upper” type of situation. They are looking for something that is move-in ready. Having a fresh coat of paint will help exponentially with the selling process.

Myth: “It’s just paint, I don’t need to fix anything.”

Paint doesn’t cover up the issues that you’re having with your walls—they are still there, and need to be dealt with! Before you set that primer on the walls, be sure to check for any damages. Here’s how to do an interior paint prep, as well as an exterior paint prep, before pulling out the paint cans.

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